Internet Marketing

The rules for generating business today have changed drastically. If you’re not taking advantage of the power of the Internet to create new business, then you are missing out on huge opportunities. It is not enough to just have high search engine rankings anymore. Businesses need an all-encompassing Internet Marketing solution. Thomas Technologies has developed a seven-step approach for generating business via the Internet. Our seven-step approach consists of the following:

1. Developing a high search engine rankings on Google and Bing with the company website.
2. Building an effective Email Marketing plan to leverage new and existing customers.
3. Increase your corporate visibility as the go-to expert in your industry through a blog.
4. Leverage Social Media to showcase your business expertise and attract new customers.
5. Create the right type of copy for letter and postcard mailers.
6. Create global impact from press releases, industry articles, blog posts, and industry reviews.
7. Develop Pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of having high search result rankings in the major search engines. When a person types in a keyword or two in a search engine, you ideally want to be on the first page of results, thus directing people to your company website. The more website visitors you have, the greater the potential to turn your visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers.

The following is a list of our Search Engine Optimization services:
  • Optimize your website for factors search engines care about and skip the ones they don’t.
  • Discover the keywords your ideal customers are typing into Google and Bing.
  • Gain high search results naturally through content optimization.
  • Effectively leverage pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Leverage link-building strategies.
  • Choose effective keywords to that correspond with your business.
  • Manage Adwords campaigns (PPC).
  • Website traffic reporting to gauge your progress.
  • Track where visitors look on your website so you can focus on your strengths.
  • Create an Affiliate program so others can generate new business opportunities.

Email Marketing

The following is a list of our Email Marketing services:
  • Create email campaigns to help you retain your existing customers or convert new prospects.
  • Incentive based list building and management.
  • Promotional broadcasting.
  • Auto-responding.
  • Opt-in / Opt-out management.
  • New Letters.
  • Getting your audience to read your Emails.

Business Blogs

Do you think your business doesn’t need a blog? Go to type a few words in your area of expertise and the word blog. Ok now that you see hundreds if not thousands of people who are already blogging about your area of expertise, it is time for you to get up to speed so that you can convert those readers into customers.

Thomas Technologies helps companies build their Business Brand through blogging. All businesses, big and small, need to have a blog to display their expertise, build their Brand, and build a community of followers that spread the word about your company. Business blogs offer companies a platform where information, data, and opinions can be exchanged between customers, prospects, partners, and employees. Business blogs are a powerful marketing tool. If your company blogs about your products and services, you will brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable in your area of expertise. Ultimately your business blog is a display of your expertise that turns visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers. Not having a business blog is just like leaving money on the table.

The following is a list of our Business Blog services:
  • Custom Blog design.
  • Theme configurations.
  • Plug-in configurations.
  • User account management configurations.
  • Blog software installation and configuration.
  • Blog maintenance training.
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) incorporation. Have all your data updates automatically sent to your customers, prospects and vendors automatically.
  • Add value to your customers by providing detailed explanations of subject matter.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Comment SPAM filtering.
  • Content creation techniques.

Social Media

If you don’t think you need to leverage Social Media read this article by Business Week.

Business comes down to one thing in the end and that is Relationships. You have to work hard to develop a strong relationship with your customers to get repeat business. Social Media is about building a strong relationship through community on a number of different technology platforms.

The following is a list of our Social Media services:
  • Uncover the secrets of distributing content once in different media formats. Give customers numerous ways to stay connected to your organization.
  • Discover how-to leverage video and audio into your company web presence while showcasing your expertise.
  • Ascertain social site and social tools development.
  • Social Media Marketing Training for your employees.
  • Learn to define your audience into sub-niches to help generate business in crowded markets.
  • Discover how-to define clear social media campaigns for your business.
  • Find out how-to build customer relationships through social media.
  • Discover how-to convert prospects into customers and get repeat business.
  • Uncover the secrets for developing a strong social media action plan.
  • Learn to leverage Social Media Tools, Tactics and Techniques.